5 impressively simple steps to make your home smell heavenly with essential oils

5 impressively simple steps to make your home smell heavenly with essential oils

Here at Essentially Yours, we absolutely love sharing the multiple ways in which you can use your essential oils - not just for aromatherapy! Using essential oils around the home can add a touch of luxury to any room, as well as using a natural product that is safer than harsh chemicals or man-made fragrances. From skincare to haircare, to de-greasing your oven - essential oils really are powerful. In this blog, we are going to be sharing five simple steps to making your home smell heavenly with essential oils - as well as one of our favourite methods to do at home!

  1. Use them to scent your living room and bedroom using an electric diffuser Electric diffusers (especially if you have children) are a safe and easy way to spread a beautiful smell in your room or even your whole house. Where it runs off water and essential oil only, it’s a hassle-free way to not only leave every room smelling delicious, but you can make new blends depending on what type of smell you want to evoke in the house.
  2. Keep your clothes smelling fresh with cedarwood balls/discs (soaked in your favourite blends) There is nothing worse than a musty coat cupboard, or a dull-smelling wardrobe. Inject a crisp and fresh aroma into your clothes through purchasing cedarwood balls or discs that can either be left in drawers or hung in cupboards/wardrobes/shoe racks! All you need is some cedarwood balls or discs, muslin cloth (to wrap around and avoid leakage of oil on to clothes etc) and place in your wardrobe, towel cupboard, shoe rack, coat cupboard and sock drawers! Your clothes will always smell fresh and crisp. 
  3. Clean with them (floor, walls, everywhere!)Whether it’s your own floor cleaner with Lemon Oil, or furniture polish using Orange Oil, the possibilities are truly endless when cleaning with essential oils. They won’t burn or irritate you when you're cleaning, either. They are 100% natural and packed with beneficial properties, not any chemical nasties! 
  4. Create your own air freshener Just like cleaning, creating your own air freshener will enable you to give each room/space the boost in scent that it needs. Whether you want to quickly freshen the area before guests come over, or you want to eliminate the lingering smell of food after cooking a meal, having an air freshener to hand made with essential oils is perfect for any household.
  5. Ditch the chemicals! In summary, we want you to ditch the unnecessary chemicals that you keep in your home, as they will only hinder the essential oil haven you are planning to create! Slowly switching over to essential oils for the majority of your needs will not only save you $$$ on highly dangerous chemical products, but will also do your health the world of good! 
Our favourite blends…

Home-made blend for cedarwood balls/discs
For a soft and refreshing scent

You will need…
  • 10 cedarwood balls/discs
  • Jasmine Essential Oil
  • Rose Essential Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • 100cm x 100cm muslin cloth/cheesecloth
  • Needle & thread (same colour as cheesecloth preferably!)
  • 1 bowl (enough to hold 200ml)
  • Plastic zip-loc bag (enough to fit 10 balls/discs in)


  1. Place all of the cedarwood balls/discs into the plastic zip-loc bag. Make sure the bag is big enough so you can massage the oil into the wood and they are able to absorb the fragrance equally.
  2. In a bowl, combine 75ml Almond Oil with 20 drops of Jasmine Essential Oil and 10 drops of Rose Essential Oil.
  3. Pour the mixture into the zip-loc bag, and start to massage into the wood until all is absorbed.
  4. Leave for a further 5-10 minutes in the bag, whilst you are waiting, cut the muslin/cheesecloth in to big enough pieces to cover the whole of the ball, or if you are using discs cut it into a long strip which you can pull through the hole, creating a layered ribbon effect.
  5. Remove balls/discs and apply muslin cloth. Secure by sewing together.
  6. Hook the discs on to your hangers or pop in drawers. Balls can also be used in drawers/in between towels and in a bowl in the bathroom/bedroom if you have a smaller wardrobe area.

Enjoy! As always, we love hearing your methods and blends, so don’t hesitate to contact the Essentially Yours team with your personal ideas!