We are Essentially...

Let's start with Why...

We started Essentially to create what we had craved from the essential oil industry. 
Truth, transparency and community.

We are now on a mission...

To curate the finest essential oils of the world, ethically, sustainably and with transparency, whilst improving the lives our our farmers, suppliers and customers.

Our Values

We want to provide genuine information alongside genuine products for our community.

We are grateful to be able to share our knowledge with our community and to explore the story behind each individual oil. 

From Earth to Essence...

We want to empower our community to embrace the essential oil lifestyle.

We only supply the finest quality of oils that we love and use ourselves, soured from incredible farmers around the world.

Our mantra of sourcing from the earth, tracing the oil to the essence and delivering to you is done without compromise.

We are committed to giving back to our communities and the earth in which we roam.


Our Story

Most great stories start with hardship and Essentially was also conceived from a challenging beginning;
however, our story has a happy ending and an even brighter future…

After moving to Melbourne from sunny Brisbane, our happy, healthy one-year-old son was constantly getting sick with colds, coughs and flu symptoms. Battling to help him become better and stronger, we were in and out of hospital for what felt like a lifetime, even to the point that we visited the doctor so often that he stopped charging me!

Whether it was the weather or the germs, I can’t be sure, but any parent knows the dread you feel when your child is very sick, and this became all-consuming, whilst managing family, business and life.
As any parent would, we were willing to do everything we could to help our son, although we were becoming desperate for anything that would stop us having to pump our baby full of antibiotics.

So, when a friend introduced us to the world of essential oils, we felt excited at the thought of a natural treatment for our son, but we also lacked experience and knowledge of the industry.

As fantastic as the internet is, the process of research was just as time-consuming and confusing, with different information spread out across the web, and no single source to look at.  Despite the lengths it took, my experiences (and a lot of trials) taught me that a combination of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Clary Sage, and Marjoram essential oils diffused in the evening before bed, were a fantastic natural treatment for our son.

Whilst over the moon to have our son back to health I was underwhelmed with the industry focus of sales and multilevel marketing, with many myths and mistrust. I was struck with a desire to ensure that others like me could access the information they needed, without the same struggle.

Throughout my research, I fell in love with the history and origins of the essential oils and blends, which inspired me to share my knowledge and create the unique platform of Essentially for others to easily access a simplified source of information. I began to match the colours of the plants in which the essential oils were derived from together with a naming code for me to remember the oil, the plant and the benefits.

I sought out Australia's leading experts in essential oils, practitioners, business owners, aromatherapists, farmers, growers, writers, suppliers and curators. From here Essentially was born.

At Essentially, our goal is to educate and build an essential oil loving community where personal care and knowledge comes first without the pressure to spend a penny, or a dollar for that matter!

As Essentially has been evolving we have incorporated our values of transparency of our brand and have a great deal of respect for the story behind each essential oil. We are committed to sourcing as locally as possible and 96% of our oils are either Organic, Native Australian or Grown in Australia. (The only exceptions are Wild Grown - Native Japanese Oils like Hinoki, Hyssop and Yuzu and that we just can't live without!)

I welcome you to embrace your essential oil journey, please, take your time, educate yourself on these amazing oils, and browse our site at your leisure.

Our wonderful team is always here to help, and I look forward to sharing your essential oil stories, and our future as a company with you.

Silke x