Honey Myrtle Essential Oil - Essentially Co Australia
Honey Myrtle Essential Oil - Essentially Co Australia
Honey Myrtle Essential Oil - Essentially Co Australia
Honey Myrtle Essential Oil - Essentially Co Australia
Honey Myrtle Essential Oil - Essentially Co Australia

Honey Myrtle Essential Oil

Melaleuca teretifolia

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Honey Myrtle Oil has deep honey and citrusy scents and can be used in the same ways that Lemon Myrtle is used throughout the home. Honey Myrtle is distinct in its beautiful aroma and is often viewed as a more prestigious and more indulgent essential oil than its cousin, Lemon Myrtle.

This uniquely Australian oil is natively sourced in Western Australia.

Size: 10ml / 0.33fl.oz

Our Honey Myrtle Essential Oil is grown and bottled in Australia 

100% Pure Australian Native Honey Myrtle (Melaleuca teretifolia) Oil

  • In a diffuser: To reduce airborne threats during cold weather, diffuse 2 to 4 drops of 100% Pure Honey Myrtle Oil. In addition to supporting the respiratory system, diffused Honey Myrtle Oil can also clear and focus the mind, relieve mental stress, and promote feelings of happiness. In case its wonderfully complex aroma is a bit too strong for your liking, consider softening it with a few drops of Sweet Orange Oil.
  • In a warm bath: If you want to take advantage of Honey Myrtle Oil’s calming, relaxing, and uplifting qualities, adding a single drop to a warm bath is a great option. This may also promote healthy lung and airway activity. Plus, your bathroom will smell heavenly!
  • In a massage blend: Honey Myrtle Oil can assist with muscle soreness and joints that don’t want to flex. To harness this benefit, consider combining 5 drops of Honey Myrtle Oil with 100 ml of your favourite carrier oil (we recommend Almond Oil and Coconut Oil). Use this simple blend to massage sore, tired muscles and joints that feel warm.
  • In skincare products: Thanks to its powerful antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, Honey Myrtle Oil can be helpful in treating acne, cuts, burns, and minor infections. This is exactly why Honey Myrtle Oil can be an amazing addition to skincare products. Please bear in mind that this essential oil can be a skin sensitiser and an irritant to mucous membranes due to its high citral content. To avoid any unpleasant skin reactions, do not use Honey Myrtle Oil at a rate greater than 1% in body products.
  • In homemade household cleaners: Honey Myrtle Oil is commonly used in cleaning due to its antimicrobial qualities as well as its sweet, fresh, herbaceous, and lemony aroma. To make an effective bathroom cleaner, add a few drops of Honey Myrtle Oil and a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to water in a glass spray bottle.
  • In perfumes: Honey Myrtle Oil boasts a uniquely complex aroma. Its citrusy and honey notes make it a lovely addition to perfumes. You can incorporate this essential oil into your existing fragrance formula or make an entirely different perfume with it.