Geranium Pure Organic Essential Oil
Geranium Pure Organic Essential Oil
Geranium Pure Organic Essential Oil
Geranium Pure Organic Essential Oil
Geranium Pure Organic Essential Oil

Geranium Pure Organic Essential Oil

Pelargonium graveolens

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Geranium Oil is a herbaceous and refreshing scent, and is used in aromatherapy to treat anxiety and fatigue. In perfumery, Geranium is a popular component, making it a multi-use oil perfect for you and for your beauty regime.

Size: 10ml / 0.33fl.oz

Our Geranium Essential Oil is organically grown in Egypt and bottled in Australia 

100% Pure Organic Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) Oil
  • Aromatherapy: In aromatherapy Geranium Oil is popularly used to assist in relieving feelings of stress and anxiety, and can help aid restful sleep. It can also be used in a diffuser to help with feelings of sadness, and in some circumstances clear a sore throat. 

  • Perfume: Simply dabbing the oil topically onto your wrists, behind your neck and on your collar bones can create a long lasting, gorgeous perfume. Combine with other essential oils to make your own personalised scent!

  • Lotions, serums and oils: Geranium Oil can help with your skin's health, improving the look of fine lines and keeping your skin taut. Mixing a few drops into a carrier oil or plan lotion can help to improve your skin's health whilst also giving you a gorgeous scent, too.

  • Hair conditioner: Adding a few drops of oil onto the ends of your hair can act as an overnight conditioner to add nourishment and moisture to your ends and scalp, too. It can also be used with a hair oil to add shine and ensure you keep dry ends at bay!

  • Nourishing baths: Soothing muscle pain or general fatigue can be difficult to do, but using Geranium Oil along with bath salts in a warm bath can help to soak your muscles, increase blood flow and leave you feeling less tense.

  • Menstrual pain: Essential oils can be a great remedy for menstrual pain, and Geranium Oil can be used with a carrier oil along with Clary Sage and Lavender to create a soothing rub which can be used to relieve cramps. We recommend Castor Oil as your carrier oil!

  • Candles and home cleaners: DIY candles, room sprays, linen sprays and polishes can all be made with Geranium Oil, and can give each room a gorgeous lift!