The powerful benefits of carrier oils and why we love them!

The powerful benefits of carrier oils and why we love them!

Carrier oils are given their name as they are used in conjunction with essential oils! Usually derived from vegetables and nuts such as Olives, Avocados and Almonds, carrier oils are perfect to extend the longevity of essential oils, as well as the application of them!

In this article, we are going to explain the main types of carrier oils, how you can use them at home as well as one of our blends that you can try for yourself (and we know you’ll love it!).

So, what are the main types of carrier oils?

Coconut oil: Known for its multiple properties, from cooking, to skincare, to dental care - it really is a blessing to all of us! With a gorgeous, sweet smell, it can be used not just like a standard carrier oil, but another layer of fragrance, too.

It has antimicrobial properties, and due to its high fatty content is popular to be used on the skin, hair, and lips for extra moisturization!

Almond oil: We shouldn’t have favourites - but almond oil is brilliant for so many things (not just for being a carrier oil!). Respected and used by multiple cultures for beauty and medicinal practices, almond oil is a carrier oil that we recommend owning as you’ll get a lot of use from it.

It is able to relieve muscle aches, soothe skin and boost circulation - and in conjunction with essential oil can provide you with that moment of relaxation that you need after a long day.

Jojoba oil: Popular in aromatherapy, jojoba oil is another fragrant (but pleasant) carrier oil which is commonly used for massages - so if you want to recreate a home spa, this ones for you! With anti-inflammatory properties, it has also been successful in soothing acne and dry skin.

So, how can I use carrier oils at home?

Make your own lotions/perfumes: The beauty of carrier oils is they can be used to create fragrant lotions and even your own perfumes. Bergamot, Lavender and Rose for example are beautiful essential oils that can be mixed to give your beauty regime a fragrant touch. Essential oils can be applied directly to the skin

Aromatherapy: Recreate a spa experience in the comfort of our own home, and use a carrier oil with your chosen essential oil to create a beautiful aroma. Whether through a diffuser or through inhalation, carrier oil is great to extend the life of your essential oil. Further using carrier oils such as Jojoba can help you to dilute a thick, rich or expensive essential oil such as Rose or Boronia to last longer and reduce the heavy richness of diffusing the essential oil on its own.

Burning essential oils: Some like to use a candle burner rather than a diffuser for their essential oils, and as carrier oils do not evaporate as quickly, they are great to use for this.

Our essential oil blend recipe:

For those who are wanting some freshness and serenity in the home, this is one of our favourites (to be used in a diffuser)

You will need:
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Tea tree essential oil
  • Almond carrier oil (sweet)

  1. In your diffuser, fill it halfway with water
  2. Add five drops of almond oil (which will give a sweet undertone to the smell of the room)
  3. Add three drops of tea tree
  4. Add three drops of lemon
  5. Sit back, and enjoy the gorgeous aroma. If you want it to have a fresher smell, add an extra drop of lemon!