How to store your essential oils for longer

How to store your essential oils for longer

Here at Essentially Yours, we are committed to providing our community with useful information on how to get the most out of your essential oil collection, as well as tips and tricks when it comes to our favourite blends, too! In this blog, we are going to talk about how to store your essential oil collection (what they should be kept in as well as where) and highlighting the benefits of this, too!

What should my oils be kept in?

Depending on the brand of oil that you have, the packaging may differ from glass to plastic, and the colour of the glass or plastic may also be different, too. We recommend storing your essential oils in dark glass bottles only.

Exposure to light and heat will diminish the quality of your oil, and it’ll be more likely to lose its scent if kept in clear glass or plastic. Plastic is also known to have harsh chemicals that can seep into liquids if exposed to heat and light for prolonged periods of time, so using dark glass bottles will repel any light.

Glass is also 100% natural and will not damage your oils in any way. In short, ditch the plastic and go for glass!

Where should they be kept?

There are a number of places that your oils can be kept, but for optimum lifespan we recommend keeping them in the fridge.

We know what you’re thinking - why would I keep my oils in the same place as my vegetables and milk? Well, because oils are as natural as the vegetables and milk being stored in your fridge! - so to avoid them perishing or losing their quality over time, keep them in a stable temperature away from sunlight. The optimum place for that is the fridge.

Another option for storage is a refrigerated wine cellar (and can actually look aesthetically pleasing amongst the other glass bottles!).

If storing in a fridge isn’t feasible for you, putting your collection in the coolest, driest place in your home (for example a cupboard that is consistently out of the sun, and in a room that is air conditioned if you are in a country with a hot climate) then that can work, too!

What are the benefits of taking care of my oils?

Taking care of your oils will undoubtedly extend their lifespan, whilst also saving you a lot of $$$ on forking out on a new collection because you chose to leave them in the sun! A lot of household essential oils are fairly affordable to buy, but if you are wanting to expand your collection and opt for more expensive oils and blends, it’s imperative that you look after them. Another benefit is no nasty chemicals (providing you have them all in glass bottles!)

As always, the Essentially Yours team loves hearing your personal tips and tricks, whether that’s a new blend or a storage method that has worked well for your collection. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team to share your story!