On the road again... Your Essential Oil Travelling Guide

On the road again... Your Essential Oil Travelling Guide

Here at Essentially Yours, we are passionate about educating people on the multiple benefits of essential oils. From healing, to better mental and physical health, essential oils are an alternative way of managing the day to day stresses of life. Although travel can be fun and exhilarating, it also can come with its own set of challenges. Changing climates, dirt, wind and rushing to catch that plane all can wreak havoc on our outer and inner wellbeing. In this blog, we are sharing our 10 favourite essential oils for travel (including what they can do for you).

Our top 10...

Black Pepper Oil

Uses: Great for muscle pain, has anti-inflammatory properties and a spicy feel on the skin (think of it as a cheaper version of tiger balm!)
Type of traveler: If you are a backpacker, and regularly hike this is going to be great for you!

Lemon Oil

Uses: Great for indigestion and heartburn, can comfort a sore throat, and works against allergies such as hay fever. Also a great bug repellent!
Type of traveler: All kinds! Whether you are a backpacker, an elderly couple or you have a young family, this is an extremely versatile essential oil that will cater to multiple needs. It also smells amazing.

Peppermint Oil

Uses: Upset stomachs, travel sickness and restful sleep.
Type of traveler: All! If you struggle with travel sickness and jet-lag, peppermint oil is a great way to regulate your sleeping and soothe your stomach. It can be applied directly on to the skin, or spritzed on bedsheets. Child friendly.

Tea Tree Oil

Uses: Insect bites, mild scratches/irritations, pimples and a burnt scalp!
Type of traveler: All! If you are prone to irritations from bugs and athlete's feet, this is a perfect one for you.

Eucalyptus Oil

Uses: Insect repellent, clears the sinuses.
Type of traveler: All! This is great if you regularly get congested from flights or want to feel fresh in the mornings. Just add a few drops in a bowl filled with hot water, cover your head and bowl with a towel and take deep breaths - you’ll love how refreshed you feel.

Rose Oil

Uses: Anxiety relief, fragrance, aids restful sleep.
Type of traveler: Adults! This has a powerful scent and is a more expensive essential oil. This is great for long-haul flyers that want to recreate some aromatherapy in their hotel bathroom. Add a few drops to your bath, or dab on your wrists and neck for an evening fragrance.

Ginger Oil

Uses: Circulation, muscle pain, and nausea.
Type of traveler: All! It has a spicier scent so not the preference for children, but this is a fiery and natural way to boost circulation and minimise muscle pain, as well as helping an upset tummy!

Lavender Oil

Uses: Aiding sleep, anxiety relief, eczema, insect repellent.
Type of traveler: All! This is one of our favourites (and must-haves) because it works on so many different areas. Great if you have restless children and they need the soothing scent to help them sleep. Dreamy!

Sweet Orange Oil

Uses: Treats fatigue, room freshener, anxiety relief.
Type of traveler: All - but we highly recommend this to backpackers. Often you aren’t staying in fancy hotels, and having nice smelling linen goes a long way. It’s also great to treat fatigue and is excellent to wake you up in the mornings!

Jojoba Oil

Uses: Carrier oil, skincare, moisturiser.
Type of traveler: All! Whilst this isn’t an ‘essential’ oil, we recommend taking a carrier oil with you traveling. Not only does it pair perfectly with all of the above, but it's an excellent standalone moisturiser, and an alternative to facial cream as it works with your skin's natural oils to boost its moisture.

Good luck on your travels and don't forget to tag #essentially in those travel pics!