FAN FAV! The sublime benefits of Almond Oil

FAN FAV! The sublime benefits of Almond Oil

Here at Essentially Yours, we aren’t just passionate about creating beautiful fragrances from essential oils. We take a deep interest in overall health and wellness, and love sharing information on other products that can improve your physical and mental health. We are going to be sharing some information on the benefits and uses of Almond Oil - a personal favourite of ours when it comes to picking a carrier oil. So, if you want to learn more… keep reading!

What is Almond Oil?

Almonds, commonly mistaken for a nut, are actually a seed that is commonly used in salads, baking, and also for non-dairy milk (which tastes amazing we must say!). They are also used to make Almond Oil, a nourishing and fatty oil that is commonly used for skin care and as a carrier oil in aromatherapy! Here at Essentially Yours, we are a huge fan of Almond Oil due to its moisturising properties, as it’s rich in Vitamin E and works beautifully with a range of our essential oils!

How can I use it?

Carrier oil: Almond Oil is a common carrier oil in aromatherapy, as it works in conjunction with the fragrance-rich essential oils to maximise their usage. Essential oils burn out quicker, and using a carrier oil such as Almond Oil enables you to be versatile with aromatherapy blends, as well as using the blends for massage purposes too.
Standalone moisturiser: If you don’t own any essential oils, and just want to benefit from using Almond Oil on its own, you definitely can! High in Vitamin E and proven to reduce stretch marks and hydrate skin, Almond Oil is a brilliant standalone moisturiser for your body (and if your skin isn’t too sensitive, your face too!).
Make-up remover: Have you ever struggled to remove stubborn waterproof mascara, and find that your skin never feels clean even after you’ve washed it? Using a natural oil such as Almond Oil breaks down makeup quickly, even if it’s waterproof. Using a few drops on a cotton round and going in slow, light circular motions on the face will break down dirt and makeup whilst also nourishing your skin, eyelashes and eyebrows!
Hair moisturiser: Don’t want to buy a fancy hair mask? We get it. An easy and cheaper alternative is to cover the ends of your hair in Almond Oil and leave on for 1-2 hours. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry, and you’ll see the results for yourself!

What are the benefits of using Almond Oil?

Skin is more moisturised: Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin E, so brilliant if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin and want to give it a boost.
Hair is less brittle: Using Almond Oil on the scalp and ends of your hair reduces dryness and keeps your hair from breaking.
Reduced stretch marks: If you have experienced stretch marks from birth, weight gain/loss and growth spurts, Almond Oil is proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
Calming and warming when used in aromatherapy: Due to its fatty and rich texture, Almond Oil is warming when used in aromatherapy and induces a calm feeling, especially partnered with a delicious essential oil!

Our favorite Almond Oil blend…

We wanted to share with you one of our favourite almond blends, from the Essentially Yours archives! This blend is specifically for aromatherapy and it is great to cleanse the sinuses and make you feel refreshed.

You will need:

  • 30mL (1floz) Almond Oil
  • 5 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil