Back to school... How to help your little ones with the power of essential oils

Back to school... How to help your little ones with the power of essential oils

Parents, we know that sometimes getting the kids back into the swing of school can be difficult, especially if you’re coming off summer holidays and Christmas! Your children may be nervous, excited, and full of energy. Or, they may be slightly stressed, retreating into their rooms and lacking drive. These are all-natural responses to going back to school, and the Essentially Yours team want to share with you some essential oils that can make going back to school a little bit easier for your children!

Firstly, a disclaimer. Remember that your children (especially if they are under the age of 10) will need a higher dilution of essential oils, as they are much smaller than adults, and are more likely to find the smell too strong! Remember that you know your children best, and we always recommend to start with a higher dilution first and see how they respond. Always seek medical advice prior to using essential oils with children and we do not recommend ingestion for any children. Usually, a spray mist bottle with some drops of essential oils sprayed around the home will help balance out and provide the outcome you are looking for.

To aid restful sleep: Lavender, Rose, Tea Tree

These three essential oils all promote restful sleep, and you can create beautiful blends at home to soothe children if they are feeling nervous/anxious about going back to school. Ensuring they are well rested will set them up for the day (and means that you can get some shut-eye too!)

It’s simple to do - simply create a diluted mixture of water and the essential oil you desire (Lavender and Rose are favourites of ours) and spritz their bed linen a couple of hours before bedtime!

To fight away germs: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon

There’s nothing worse than a sniffly cold contracted in the first week of returning to school. Using a natural repellent of the common cold such as an essential oil blend means less man-made medicines for your children and a natural immune system booster!

You can apply a little essential oil (diluted with a carrier oil) to your child's wrists and chest area and it will help to fight off any nasties.

Bye-bye insect bites!: Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender

No one likes being bitten by a mosquito, and often children can irritate and itch bites (we are all guilty of doing it!). To protect them with a natural remedy, you can apply Peppermint, Lemon, or Lavender essential oil before they head out for the day!

For lack of concentration: Vetiver, Grapefruit, Cedarwood

We’ve all been there, and sometimes concentrating in class can feel like the most tiring thing in the world - let alone having to do homework in the evenings!

If you are looking to give your children a little boost, you can use the above essential oils and apply topically to enable them to feel refreshed and focused. These oils can also be used to help with homework concentration, but be careful of overloading if it’s too close to bedtime.

If you are a parent who has had success with a particular blend that tackles the back-to-school feeling, please share it with the Essentially Yours team, as we are always looking to educate ourselves on new blends that we can use to aid our children whilst they are in school!