7 simple steps to clean your essential oil diffuser

7 simple steps to clean your essential oil diffuser

Here at Essentially Yours, we love learning all there is to know about essential oils, and we especially love sharing our learnings with you. Whether you are wondering how to get started or looking for some new blends, we hope you’ll find some useful information here. In this blog, we are going to give you 7 simple steps to get your diffuser spick and span and ready for action!

Cleaning your diffuser is more difficult than you might think at first, mostly because of the oils we put inside! Cleaning it regularly is the best way to keep your diffuser working well for as long as possible, and it actually doesn’t take too long.

So, what steps should I take to clean my diffuser?

1. Turn off/unplug your diffuser!

This is so important! Do not pour water over the electric part of your diffuser, as it could break. Detach the cable from the diffuser or remove the chamber from the battery, and wash separately. At this step, also rinse out any oil and water leftover inside.

2. Fill with water and vinegar

Fill your diffuser almost to the line and add a teaspoon of 100% pure white vinegar. You can also use detergent if you don’t have vinegar, but we like to keep things natural here at Essentially.

3. Turn your diffuser on

This might be surprising, but the next step is to reattach your diffuser to its power source! Letting the vinegar run through the whole diffuser will clean out any oil blockages and keep it working better for longer. Leave it on for about 5 minutes for a thorough deep clean.

4. Drain the water/vinegar solutions

Again - unplug/detach your diffuser from the electricity source. Pour the contents of the chamber out into the sink or toilet.

5. Wipe the chamber

Use a clean cotton pad dipped in a little more vinegar to wipe down all areas inside the diffuser. Keep rubbing until you can’t feel any more oily residue. Pay special attention to the ‘mist chip’ if you are using an ultrasonic diffuser, which is the tiny silver chip that causes it to produce mist!

6. Rinse the chamber

Thoroughly rinse away all the vinegar and reassemble the diffuser.

7. Wipe down the outside

Dry any external areas with a dry towel. Do this before reattaching the power source to stay on the safe side.

If you don’t have 100% pure white vinegar, you can use detergent or rubbing alcohol to wipe down your diffuser, but skip steps 2-4!

Follow these simple steps and your diffuser will be clean in no time! Do you have another method of cleaning your essential oil diffuser? If so, the Essentially Yours team would love to hear it! As always, we love hearing how you are getting on with your oils, so feel free to reach out to us today.