Where to put your essential oil diffuser

Where to put your essential oil diffuser

Here at Essentially Yours, we love sharing our knowledge of essential oils with our community so that you can make the most out of your collection. Whether you want to learn how to use them, or how an oil is made, our website has all the answers. In this blog, we are going to talk about where to place your essential oil diffuser, for which there are three main things to consider:


Most essential oil diffusers are made to be used inside, but you can also use them outside. Depending on the wind, placing a diffuser outside can help repel insects, boost your mood and keep a pleasant scent around. If you are using your diffuser outside, we recommend bringing it inside with you afterwards and keep it out of rain or sunlight.

To use your diffuser inside, place it near a plug socket, in a spacious room, as close to the centre as possible. That way, the aroma will spread through the room more easily! If you want to kee your diffuser in your bedroom that is fine but remember that the recommended time period to leave it on is 30-60 minutes, so we do not recommend diffusing oils all night.


The best surface to place your diffuser on is one that is waterproof and flat. Materials such as wood might be ruined by the combination of water and oil, and materials such as carpet are less stable or prone to damp. If the surface is not flat and the diffuser falls over, the floor will of course get wet, but oil is also very difficult to wash out!

If you don’t have a suitable waterproof surface, try placing a waterproof barrier underneath your diffuser to protect the area. You could also use a towel - just make sure you change it often!


The distance you keep your diffuser from yourself is the most important thing to think about. As incredible the benefits of essential oils are, there is such thing as too much. It is generally best to keep your diffuser a few feet away, especially if you keep it in your bedroom.

As well as personal distance, you should think about the diffuser’s distance from your other possessions. Electronics, for example, should be kept further away, as they likely won’t appreciate being doused with oil or water vapour every once in a while. The same goes for materials that can’t get wet, such as suede.

Lastly, ensure that you keep your diffuser a safe distance from the natural elements. Rain or snow is not good for any electric devices, but some essential oils are phototoxic, meaning you should not leave your diffuser in direct sunlight either.

Where do you keep your diffuser? Do you ever take your outside? As always, the Essentially Yours team loves hearing all about how you are getting on with your essential oils, so feel free to reach out to one of us today!