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Read through all the details on this page and then complete and return the Expression of Interest Form (link is below).  We will then phone you to discuss in more detail and also give you the opportunity to ask us more questions...

Expression of Interest Form (pdf document)

How it works...

Becoming an Essentially Me aromatherapy consultant provides a rewarding and flexible work alternative to the mundane 9 to 5 professions. In fact it becomes YOUR BUSINESS.

Our consultants enjoy flexible working days and hours to suit their lifestyles. For some of our consultants, it's about being able to run their own business from home to fit in with their families or to simply enjoy being their own boss. For others, being an Essentially Me consultant is a supplementary income to their full time work to enable them to save money for a car, trip or for a house. In fact, many consultants are doing just that and putting their Essentially Me earnings aside to help them in their early years of marriage or for an overseas trip with friends, or even a home extension.

Whatever your reasons for becoming an Essentially Me Consultant you can be assured that you will enjoy the fun of presenting our wonderful range of beauty, therapeutic and natural products to others in their homes. It's easy, it takes only a couple of hours of your time and you are rewarded with 25% commission on all guest sales plus other bonuses. These extra bonuses include gift vouchers, weekends away and a choice of training certificate courses in the alternative health industries. Many of our Consultants aim to be a Team Manager which attracts additional commission.

How do I become an Essentially Me Consultant? (see earnings table at right)
It is very easy! There are only a couple of requirements:

  • First, complete the Expression of Interest form (above) and we will phone you back to discuss.
  • You need to have a neat appearance, be friendly and outgoing, be organised and punctual and have a genuine desire to succeed;
  • You will need to have a car or ready access to a car so you can undertake the parties;
  • You need an Essentially Me Kit (product samples kit).  This is Company sponsored to keep your startup costs to a minimum (see below for details of costs);
  • You will need to complete a full Consultant Application Form (click here);
  • Complete the Application form and fax (03) 6239 6402 or mail GPO Box 859, Hobart Tasmania 7150.  We will then phone you to advise delivery of your Kit;
  • You will need six confirmed party bookings (to be listed on your Application form) within your first month for us to be able to start you. This is to get you running and provide ongoing parties which will help to kick-start your business!
  • Once we have processed you as a Consultant you will be enrolled in an online course about Aromatherapy so as you can confidently assist and advise your customers. We provide this course free of charge (value: $180) but you need to remain an active consultant during and following the completion of the course (an active consultant has a minimum of $300 sales per month);
  • A complete Policy and Guidelines Manual is included in the Kit to enable you to learn how to present the range at a party. It is very easy to understand. You will have a great time!
  • Ongoing, you need to maintain $300 per month in sales to continue to be supported by Essentially Me Australia as a Consultant (an average party is usually $350 to $400).

The Kit contains all samples necessary plus actual display products to show your customers and allow them to try our products. The Kit samples are packaged in two Essentially Me Kit Cooler Bags.

The Kit contains your order pad and credit card payment pad (for any credit card payments made on the day) as well as host packs, brochures, your policy and guidelines manual (to answer any questions you have along the way), forward planning sheets and summary sheets for submitting orders and a few administrative forms that will need completing i.e. personal details for commission payments, tax information etc.

How do I become an Essentially Me Team Manager? (see earnings table at right)
Team Managers are rewarded with an additional 5% commission of the guest sales for every party held by each consultant in their team. This adds considerably to your income and we show you some figures below of the earning potential. All of our Aromatherapy Consultants have this opportunity. As soon as you have completed your first six party bookings you may appoint other consultants and begin to build your own team. Ongoing, there are a few requirements to maintain status as Team Manager:

  • You must maintain a minimum of $300 in sales per month from your own efforts;
  • You must manage your team to ensure each of your Consultants are maintaining $300 minimum sales per month;
  • You must provide support if they are having difficulty or we notify you that your team member is not providing their orders to the office timely and accurately;
  • You must ensure your team is acting ethically and handle any troubleshooting matters to assist your Consultants as they request your help (you can consult our office at anytime for help);
  • You must provide to the Company with monthly forward planning sheets regarding estimated upcoming booked parties or target party goals planned by your team for the next month.;
  • You need to attend where possible, Team Manager days/evenings as held by the Company from time to time for the purpose of updating and sharing information (Company sponsored);


Do I have to collect money?
NO. Consultants should not take any cash or cheques at parties nor does a consultant need to collect monies for the party order. The Host collects from her guests at the time the order is due for delivery. The only payments processed by a Consultant are credit card payments whereby a guest pays for their order at the party. A credit card payment pad (to provide a receipt to guest) is provided in the Kit. This party credit card payment sheet is sent along with the Party Order sheet to Essentially Me at the end of each week as part of the ordering procedure to be undertaken by a consultant.

Do I have to deliver the orders?
NO. Essentially Me sends all orders COD to customers two weeks following the party date. Consultants do not delivery orders unless they wish for an order to be sent COD to them personally for their own group of one-off or reorder customers they care for.

How often am I paid my commission and when?
All Consultants and Team Managers commission earnings are processed at the end of each calendar month and commissions paid at that time include all commission earnings for the previous month. Note that your first commission payment will therefore be paid one month after you commence your parties.

Can my commission be paid directly into my bank account?
YES. Commissions can be paid into your bank account or by cheque, which is mailed to you.

Is tax taken out of my commission payments?
NO. Essentially Me does not take any PAYG taxes from commissions payments as all consultants are acting as agents and conducting their own businesses. This means consultants need to provide to Essentially Me Austraia their ABN number (easily applied for at the Taxation office) or a declaration that states that this is a hobby only.  Your accountant or the Taxation Office can advise you.

How soon after purchasing my Kit can I commence?
As soon you receive your Kit. You must already have six parties ready to go as filled out on the Consultant Application form so we will ensure that your Kit arrives for your to undertake the first party listed. You can also commence the online training course in Aromatherapy.  

Will I benefit from people ordering over the internet site?
Yes, all of our consultants will be receive their entitled 25% commission should any of their customers or hosts place an order online. We keep a database of all customer/hosts placing orders at a party and match them to their Consultant if they then order anything online. So this is a bonus for you!

Will I receive a discount for my own personal orders?
Yes, all of our consultants will be receive a 30% discount on their own purchases.

If I need more samples or paper pads etc what do I do?
Consultants who require further testers or order pads etc should contact Essentially Me Australia.  Actual display samples (i.e. in display bottles) should not need to be ordered unless the bottle has been damaged or broken. New labels can be supplied if worn. Testers however, provided in sample sizes may be purchased at any time by our Consultants at a minimal cost price. Prices are listed in your Guidelines manual provided to each Consultant.  These are available only to consultants. If however a consultant wishes to purchase additional tester pots to provide samples to leave with customers to try this is acceptable. Please note that as Essentially Me sends all orders directly to customers we often include a free sample so they can try another of our products.

Who pays for the Host products provided?
Essentially Me provides the Host products as a thank you for the Host holding the party, Consultants do not have to pay for this. In fact Consultants simply do the party, take the orders and get commission. Now you can think about being a Manager and have Consultants working for you to earn additional 5% (see how your earnings increase by looking at the potential earnings chart at right).


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