Wellness Shower Wash (Therapeutic) (200ml)

WELLNESS Therapeutic shower wash (200ml)

Our therapeutic washes are used for inhalation during your shower rather than as a soap.  This WELLNESS blend provides you with a boost for your immune system and is particularly useful when feeling run down, fatigued through exhaustion or during a time of feeling unwell.  Also great to combat colds and flus during winter.  It provides a feeling of well being.  When using our therapeutic washes you need to remember they are not just for washing you body although they do lather up.  The idea is to cup your hand and pour approximately a twenty cent piece of liquid into the cupped hand.  Rub gently between your palms and then inhale while allowing the warm water of your shower to relax your back.  Continue to deeply inhale the aroma and then complete the therapy by washing your body to use up the excess on your palms.


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