Essential oils, and aromatherapy products for many ailments. Search our database of natural treatments and natural remedies.

Natural Treatments and Natural Remedies

Solutions and relief usng pure essetial oils for natural treatments and natural remedies: acne treatment (click here),arthritis treatment, arthritis relief, calming, constipation, cramps, cystitis, depression, earache, emotional, exam stress, exhaustion, fatigue, grief, immune system, indigestion, insomnia, memory loss, menstruation, mental fatigue, mental stress, migraine headaches (click here), mood balancer, mouth ulcers, nausea, nerves, psoriasis treatment (click here), PMS, PMT, weight loss. You will note that Tea Tree essential oil and Lavender essential oil is used widely and both are useful in the medical cabinet.

Essential Oils used for Condition
Arthritis We offer solutions either as a massage balm, herbal tea and through bush flower healing. Together they make a great gift idea for your loved ones suffering from arthritis.
Massage Balm Herbal Tea for Arthritis Flower Essences

Calming Calm yourself and your children. As an essential oil blend, a massage balm, a herbal tea or a bush flower remedy.
Essential Oil Blend Massage Balm Herbal Tea for Relaxing Flower Essences

Constipation Essential oils used in massage aid constipation and Herbal teas are also a big help by aiding digestion.
Massage Balm Flower Essences

Cramps Relaxation Massage oils assist the agony of cramps and herbal teas improve circulation
Massage Balm Herbal Tea for circulation Flower Essences

Cystitis Our herbal teas are wonderful in relieving cystitis which is a urinary tract problem.
Herbal Teas can aid in relief of Cystitis - check out our herbal teas.
Depression Our health blends of essential oils and also our Flower Essences are wonderful therapies to treat depression.
Herbal Tea for Depression Flower Essences
Earache Treat earaches seriously as any infection could spread to the middle ear and inner ear. Remember that the smallest thing you should put into your ear is you foot! Use 3 drops of tea tree in 1 teaspoon of olive oil warmed to blood heat (no hotter). Drip a few drops into ear.  Plug up the opening of the ear with cotton wool. Repeat as need to relieve pain. If it persists sea Doctor.
Essential Oils
Emotional Our Australian Bush Flower Essences are directly aimed at treating mental and emotional health problems. Our practitioner provides a confidential consultation following a detailed questionnaire that is emailed to you for completion. The flower essence blend is included in price.
Flower Essences
Exam Stress We have a blended oil that will help with mental clarity for study and our Flower Essences are also very useful in this regard. Also we have a wonderful massage balm to relax and calm stress.
Massage Balm Herbal Tea for stress Flower Essences
Choose from either a blended oil, massage balm, herbal teas and relaxing bath milk.
Essential Oil Blend Massage Balm Herbal Tea for Relaxing Bath Milk
Grief Use cypress, marjoram, sandalwood blended together ( 2 drops of each) in an oil burner.


Immune System Our prepared oil and massage balms boost the immune system.  Also try our herbal tea immune booster.
Essential Oil Blend Massage Balm Herbal Tea for boosting immune system.
Indigestion Try our wonderful herbal teas.
Herbal Tea for Digestive Problems
Insomnia We have a prepared oil that aids insomnia and sleep problems as well as a flower essence and herbal tea.
Essential Oil Blend Herbal Tea for Insomnia Flower Essences
Memory Loss We have a prepared oil that aids in mental clarity and memory loss as well as a flower essence and herbal tea.
Essential Oil Blend Herbal Tea for Mental Clarity Flower Essences
Mental Fatigue
Mental Stress
See Stress and Exam Stress
Mood Balancer
Essential oil blends, herbal teas, massage balms and flower essences are wonderful remedies.
Essential Oil Blend Herbal Tea for PMT Flower Essences
Mouth Ulcers A deficiency in Vitamins B and C and poor diet can be the cause. Check teeth and food allergy problems as well. Use Myrrh essentional oil. Add 1 drop of myrrh and 1/4 tspn Epsom sales to a glass of warm water. Swoosh the mouth, wash around your mouth vigorously and then spit out the mixture.  repeat until it is all used. DO NOT SWALLOW THE MIXTURE.


Weight Loss We have a herbal tea blend that is wonderful in assisting those dieters out there.
Herbal Tea for Weight Loss

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