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This is a certificate course.


About Essentially Me Australia Courses

Welcome to our course information page. We are supported and affiliated with the Natural Therapists International Support Alliance (NTISA) and our courses provide a sound understanding and knowledge base. Our aim is to educate at an affordable price through a convenient and certificated training forum where participants can undertake their course at their own pace. Our aromatherapy courses include in the price a product kit to ensure each student is able to prepare the recipes provided within the course for their practical learning.

Our courses are ideal for:

  • those wishing to undertake an affordable yet thorough online course for its convenience and relaxed method of study and in order to gain knowledge for their own personal pleasure or hobby;
  • non-practitioners who are currently or who wish to work within the industry of health, beauty and natural therapies and who require training in their chosen field. These could include health spa staff, practitioner assistants, health industry sales consultants, help desk staff and those wanting to gain experience to further their career path;
  • those wishing to undertake an affordable and short course study program prior to committing to intensive, more expensive and longer duration formal training courses;
  • untrained family members needing to gain an overview of the family business to more actively participate in its operational procedures;
  • those wishing to commence their own businesses who need an insight into a particular therapy or industry and who require skilling across the business requirements necessary to get their business from concept to operational stage.
Our courses are conducted by contractred facilitator teachers who are professional practitioners or business enterprise members involved in the natural therapies industry. Their knowledge is extensive and they have the practical and business experience to assist our students.

All courses provide a Certificate of Attainment to the student on completion.

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