Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Through massage, baths, herbal teas and other therapies, the art of Aromatherapy is used in the application and blending of essential oils to revive, to restore and to heal the body.  It is part of a natural healing tradition that is more than eight thousand years old. Throughout the ages and still today, remedies for chronic ailments, pain and infectious disease were and still are derived from plants.

The healing art of aromatherapy using essential oils dates back as early as Neanderthal man, who archeologists believe was one of the first users of plant-based medications. In fact history recorded by ancient scribes documents the therapeutic use of plants and scented oils long before the birth of Christ.

Essential oils are used in health blends, massage therapy and natural skin care applications to benefit and heal, to relax or stimulate, to boost the immune system, to beautify and to provide pleasant aromas and moods. In fact, seductively scented oils and incense made from plants mitigated pain and also inspired pleasure in stimulating baths and perfumes and in older days were offered to the gods as religious offerings.

More frequently than ever before we are seeking remedies and assistance to maximise our health and well being and provide solutions through the use of natural products to our problems. For more background about Aromatherapy and Essential Oils - click here.


Essentially Me is able to offer a range of solutions and assistance to ease and relieve and in also to cure various ailments. Visit our Natural Health Remedies page to find recipes and ready-made solutions to numerous common problems.

Essential Oils

Visit our product pages of essential oil health blends and remedies as well as single essential oils to select from in order for you to make up your own blend following a recipe.

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