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yoga-web.jpgHealth Blends using Essential Oils (sizes as indicated)
Our range of therapeutic 100% essential oil blends are carefully prepared to provide relief from many ailments and health problems.  Proportions of the various essential oils blended together are vital to the effectiveness of the remedy as a whole.  The aim of our health blends is to provide relief or to dispel an ailment.  The immune boosting and medicinal attributes of essential oils have been well documented.    Essential oil health blends, work on either the physical, mental or emotional well being levels.  These blends will provide relief through inhalation via vapourisers, oil burners etc while others provide benefit through use in the bath/shower, via massage application (diluted in carrier oil) or when used as a compress.  Use only as directed (instructions provided). 

Quantity: All Therapeutic Essential Oils Blends are provided in 5ml quantities. Compress Blends in ziplock bag and cotton compress cloth.

NOTE: Unless indicated, never apply essential oils undiluted directly to skin and never take orally.  Although many oils are safe during pregnancy, we do recommend that you avoid the use of essential oils during this precious time.

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Essential Oil Blends

Headache Ease Mini Roller Bottle (15ml) Headache Ease Mini Roller Bottle (15ml)


Convenient roller tube for purse or pocket to ease headaches.
Contains: peppermint, marjoram, lavender.
Psoriasis - Solid Balm (120 ml) - long lasting Psoriasis - Solid Balm (120 ml) - long lasting


The perfect and safe way to travel and still have relief.  Your psoriasis blend prepared into a solid balm. Not quite as effective as the oil base but easier for travelling.  For better effect you need to be using the oil-based bottle blend to gain control.

Psoriasis Oil Blend (200ml) - great at night Psoriasis Oil Blend (200ml) - great at night

Psoriasis Analysis

For relief of psoriasis itching and inflammation.  We need to know a little about you before you order this blend.  Please go to the details page.
Eczema Blend in Aloe Base (250ml) Eczema Blend in Aloe Base (250ml)

Eczema Condition

This blend includes an initial consultation.  Further blends at a cheaper price can be ordered thereafter (below). A unique blend of pure essential oils will be created especially for you depending on the answers provided on the detailed description page.  Your eczema can be caused from a variety of conditions i.e. stress/anxiety, chemical reactions, allergies etc.  We will prepare your fresh aloe vera based blend in accordance with your 'type' of eczema.
Eczema Prescribed REFILL Eczema Prescribed REFILL

Eczema Reorder

Your personal eczema blend would have been prepared for you earlier.  We have your details on file so simply enter your name in the appropriate field (under details page) when ordering.  If this is your first time, we need to undertake a consultation first so please go to Eczema Blend in Aloe Base (250ml) product.
Immune System Booster (5ml) Immune System Booster (5ml)


Bergamot, Lavender, tea tree, sandalwood.  Use as directed in burner, bath or in massage oil
Hormonal Balancer PMT (5ml) Hormonal Balancer PMT (5ml)


Geranium, Rose, Clary Sage.  Use as directed in burner, bath or in massage oil to combat PMT, mood swings and irritability.
Anxiety/Depression (5ml) Anxiety/Depression (5ml)


Rose Geranium, Lavender, Palmarosa.  Use as directed in burner, bath or in massage oil
Burnout Reviver / Uplifter (5ml) Burnout Reviver / Uplifter (5ml)


Lavender, Eucalyptus Peppermint, Grapefruit, Rosemary.  Use as directed in burner, bath or in massage oil to get you going again..


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